and Desiccant

With an excellent production infrastructure, quality standards, and constant concern with developing new products and innovative solutions, SPLACK® is a reference in Brazil and Abroad in providing desiccant solutions and packages for many industrial segments.

Desiccant Sachets

We manufacture desiccant sachets from several materials to absorb humidity and/or odor, expand the products' shelf-life in their primary packages.

Plastic Stoppers

We offer Stoppers with/without desiccants and with/without many types of seals for various market pharmaceutical vials.

Desiccant Capsules

Perfect accessories for pharmaceutical packages, providing the protection required for formulations and medications.

Desiccant Bags

Ideal for production against humidity in packages, pallets, and industrial merchandise.


0.5g to 4.0g Desiccant Sachets

DESSECAP® Desiccant Capsules


DesTamp® Desiccants Stoppers

Plastic Stoppers with Induction Sealing or Sealers

5.0g to 1kg Desiccant Sachets